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Agro Tradeline ATL
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Agro Trade Line - ATL

about us

We are Agro Trade Line - ATL, general supplying and exporting Egyptian products.
We are in the business of picking, packaging, trading, exporting agricultural products since 2008.
We pick, package and provide quality product Fruits like citrus (lemons, oranges, mandarins) and other fruits such as strawberries, watermelons and grapes.
Vegetables such as onions, potatoes. Tomatoes and artichokes.
Dried products such as white dried beans, dried tomatoes, dried chillis, dried lemons,... etc.
We are exporting tomato paste, pasta and nectar juices.
We are strictly maintaining quality requirements in all stages of picking, selecting, refrigerating and packaging.

Our History

Our vision

We put quality as a priority while providing reasonable prices for our products to satisfy our clients.
Retain our customers long-term business relationships around the Globe to taste our quality products inside those markets.

Our mission

Providing everyone with quality products they deserve to have with affordable prices.
Being trustworthy suppliers to our clients and contribute to exporting process while maintaining society ethics.

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