Tuna Salad – made in minutes with kitchen basics like canned tuna, mayo and bright lemon. It’s an easy, staple recipe!

Looking for a new twist? Try my Avocado Tuna Salad – it’s made with olive oil and no mayo, and who can resist avocado?

Tuna salad shown on bread slices over lettuce leaves.

Best Tuna Salad Recipe

I’ve been eating tuna salad as long as I can remember. Grandma made it, Mom made it and now I’m hooked and I turn to it for lunch time and time again.

Canned tuna will forever be one of those things I just truly appreciate. It’s easy to store, it’s inexpensive and it always perfect for quick recipes.

Of course canned tuna is pretty bland as is but when you add some tart fresh lemon, rich and creamy mayo, and some fresh herbs it becomes something that’s even fit for a fast dinner.

And who doesn’t love those little bits of veggies dotted through for textural contrast? It’s just simple food at it’s best!

Tuna salad in a turquoise serving bowl.

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